SOS Alarm System

According to the vision of AR Tracking System we provide you with peace of mind serves with the advance technology of SOS alarm system. In case of emergency, one push on panic button activate AR security system. On intimation AR control room give its immediate services in the response of SOS alarm system and help clients as they desire. The AR tracker serves 24 hours and facilitate its users at real time.

SOS Security System

The AR Tracking System deliver fool proof and reliable security to its clients. SOS Alarm system is working as per advance and improved technology which provides instant security at the time of need such as theft attack and at other critical situations. AR SOS security system is act as safeguard during tough situation and become helping hand in hour of need.

In case of emergency, drivers can intimate to AR-Control Room (24×7 Operational) to acquire help as desired. No need to make calls, one small push on the PANIC-Button, and our team will be mobilized.